All our products/offerings are gluten free , dairy free and no added sweeteners. All natural fruits, seeds and vegetables are blended together in a very special way for you to receive the full message of health and vitality

Vegan Friendly

Extremely Healthy

Gluten/dairy free

Mother Earths

Abundant Garden

   There are no animal parts or blood or anything that could have caused harm to any creature living on this planet. We are what we eat so we feel a peaceful, non harmful way of living includes what we put in to our bodies.

Full of the goodness of real plant based foods  because nothing can or ever will replace real living plant foods.      There are no genetically modified foods in our products. We use organically grown food where possible and we put all of this together with Love and Kindness.


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Abundant Garden


There is a message, a “Sign” within Wholefoods that speak of a greater profoundness than scientific nutrition could ever dare to speak of.
Its is a Living Message, direct from Source.  It is the message of Life.
The Light of Life.   Your body needs that message Now”…… yahdoh/(pete) .. founder of Abundant Garden..

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